FaunaPharma is an Animal Health company that operates with veterinarians and pharmacies. We import and market veterinary medicines and selected over-the-counter products for pet and farm animals. In addition to Animal Health products, we also import selected honey-based skin care products for Human Health. We choose our products very carefully as it’s extremely important to us that we can stand behind the quality of them.

I started FaunaPharma in 2008. From the beginning, I wanted us to be a ”different” kind of an Animal Health company – to be ecologically aware and to be able to have fun while working. In all our activities, we strive to take the environment into account and minimize our impact on it.

I have always been very serious about having fun: Having fun helps to cope at work and produces a better work environment and a better customer service – a smile generates a smile 😊

That’s why we do things our own way and keep our stereos playing loud – Hence the company slogan:

”FaunaPharma – Care, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll”

-Pertti Orakoski

More info in English, please contact info@faunapharma.fi